Nuphr lutea /Spatter Dock Aquatic Palnts-PIAP001

Nuphr lutea /Spatter Dock Aquatic Palnts-PIAP001

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Nuphr lutea /Spatter Dock Aquatic Palnts-PIAP001


Spatterdock plants grow in shallow water and are rooted in the mud. They have large leaves, 4-16 inches across, that are almost round except for the deep, narrow cut a third of the way to the center, where the stout stem is attached. The leaves of this coarse, rhizomatous aquatic perennial are quite variable and may be wide or rather narrow and submersed or floating; the petioles & peduncles have numerous minute air cavities. Flowers are 1-2 inches across and held above the water by their stout stems. They have 6 sepals, the outer 3 green, the inner 3 yellow and petal-like. The yellow petals are small, numerous, and stamen-like, mixed with the many stamens. The single, yellow, fleshy flower, with its prominent, lobed stigma is the best known feature. Yellow cow lily can grow in water up to 16 in. deep.


Plant Characteristics

Duration: Perennial
Habit: Herb
Size Notes: Aquatic plant, planted to 16 in beneath water surface.
Leaf: Green
Size Class: 1-3 ft.

Bloom Information

Bloom Color: Yellow
Bloom Time: Mar , Apr , May , Jun , Jul , Aug , Sep , Oct


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