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Morpankh or Peacock feather Design Traditional Aranmula Kannadi or Aranmula Mirror 

There has been the mentioning of metal mirror in many puranas including Rig-Veda.  Even in the carvings of Kajuraho there has been depiction of hand held mirrors.  The mirror is oval shape or as per the ancient, it is shaped as the ‘YONNI MUKH’ or Vaginal face.  It depicts femininity, just as Shiva Linga depicts masculinity.  There are many temples in which the vaalkannadi is used to symbolize Goddess, i.e. Goddess with out form it is a temple dedicated to Goddess Saraswathi, Veena is place next to the mirror.  The mirror has a lot of ritualistic importance.

The Vaalkannadi has been used by the ladies of wealthy families for make up and also to admire themselves.  It has also been an item of social symbol.

Aranmula Kannadi  is a very special type of metal mirror produced only in Aranmula, a village in the state of Kerala in India. Aranmula metal mirror is a precious inherited gift. The mystery of its production is a family gift handed over through generations. Indeed, the ancient art of making metal mirrors is still practiced, without modification, by a few family-based artisans in Aranmula.The manufacture of Aranmula Kannadi has been a zealously guarded secret of a handful of these surviving artisans.


People usually like  to make mirrors according to their requirements. like fancy shapes and models. for an example someone asked us to make a hexagon shape of mirror, they are asking because they don’t know much about aranmula kannadi. as we mentioned, it has got lot of glory and stories, we can’t make aranmula mirrors just like that. there are some strict rules and guidelines to make aranmula kannadi, then only its quality and characteristics would be there and the customer will get the benefits associated with the divinity of the mirror.

When we say the shape – it means the shape of the mirror part – not the design of its frame.

Aranmula mirrors comes in basic 3 shapes – and Nothing else.

1 – Circular shape

2 – Oval Shape

3 – Water Drop / Heart Shape

This drop shape / heart shape models signifies the love and togetherness, normally its gifted by couples during wedding, birthday, wedding anniversary etc. it’s a symbol of togetherness & love.

So when you ask us next time, please keep this in mind. and it is not the matter of cost, but the rituals, believes & it’s authenticity matters us.


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