Hair comb set with Hand mirror

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Set of four  Hair Combs with Mirror


Your story never changes and you wake up late because you were up reading or playing a game. While leaving home you're either rushing through breakfast, applying makeup in the parking lot or struggling with the shoe laces. Irrespective of the very important business meeting you forget to style your hair and need a last minute fix. Trust this basic Brush collection  to pull you out of such tight situations and no one will your plight Made with nylon bristles, these  brush is a perfect way to treat your hair to some gentle styling. The nylon bristles are soft and ensure that they brush through the strands of your hair with ease and leave your hair softer and smoother to the touch. Nylon bristles are always safe for your hair because they smooth and polish your locks to look gorgeous and shine always without damaging your locks.

The bristles on this handy brush are designed with rounded tips; these help specifically to keep your hair strong and healthy by stimulating your scalp. Hair fall, damage and scalp irritation occur because you use the wrong brush and hurt the scalp and hair shafts as your brush,  your scalp will be gently massaged so hairfall is reduced. The massage will stimulate better blood supply to the hair roots and thus ensure better growth and root strength. Whether short or medium, the length of your hair does not matter for this brush and men and women can use it to style and detangle their hair.

This Hair Brush Set Combo comes with a beautiful handy mirror .

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