Elegant Silver Finish Table Top Ganesha Fountain -GRIH001GF

  • Rs. 34,900.00

Elegant  Silver Finish Table Top  Ganesha Fountain -GRIH001GF

Fountain with 4 kalash, 4 peacock on top
Auspicious sayings with fountains: Flowing water keep money flowing where it is placed. In houses, offices, gardens, etc.
The soothing water flowing sound heals tensions and is therapeutic!

1. In built Water motor with wiring & plug
2. Just pour 1.5 ltrs water and you are good to go!

Urli 15” diameter
Urli Height 5”
Till peacock height 11”
Till Ganeshji height 16”

1. Cleaning process is simple. You can just wipe it with liquid soap and clean cloth later if using daily.

2. Change water in 3-4 days to avoid motor damage due to dust.

3. Can be used on daily basis.

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