Antique Finish German Silver Mangal Kalash with Stone work-SGAFK001

  • Rs. 24,500.00


Big size Antique German Silver limited edition exclusive collection with Fine Intricate Designs 

Heavy gauge/ Big Size

Size:12-13inches ( capacity 3ltr water)
Mangal kalsha/Mangal Kalash with Beautiful Red and Green Stone Work done !!!

Importance of Mangal Kalasha:

Hindus consider the Mangal Kalash as a 'source of life', believing that it creates peace and happiness in your homes. The coconut in the Mangal Kalash, also known as the 'elixir of life' or Amrit, credits wisdom and immortality with the Kalash.

The Mangal Kalasha symbolises material things, for instance, the Kalash is a pot of fertility, while the coconut represents power and prosperity. The mango leaves refer to the God of Love, Kama. It is believed that the Kalash should be established in the temple of the house of the new couple and be worshipped by all the members of family, in order to ensure love and prosperity.

As weddings are all about dazzling wedding decor, colourful flowers and furnished drapes, you can always choose to go for a metallic Silver Finish Kalash that adds a pop of glamour to its surroundings if you want a slightly different look. Choose according to the wedding theme or your own preference. 

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