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Brass antique Super fine finish Heavy Gauge

Size : 13 inches 

In Vastu Shastra today, Acharya It  tell you about how auspicious it is to keep a flute in the house. We all know the flute is dear to Lord Shri Krishna. Therefore, he always keeps the flute with him. ... Keeping the flute in the house gets rid of many types of Vastu defects.

Krishna is a cosmic musician, and the tune he creates by playing his transcendental flute is embodied with cosmic energy. As Krishna’s divine flute calls at any time of the day or night, nature, which is mesmerized by the captivating celestial tune, responds: Lakes and rivers overflow with water, expanding their banks because they are desirous of embracing Krishna’s lotus feet. Drinking the opulent water, Mother Nature is perennially pregnant with luscious green, and trees and vines are unseasonably laden with fruits and flowers.

Seeing nature coming alive and thinking that spring has arrived, peacocks dance, and birds sing and chirp. Krishna’s beloved cows stand tranquilly with their ears spread just to catch the nectar-filled tune flowing out of his flute. Gopis lose their selves in this tune. For them, music becomes the voice of love, which is too passionate and secretive.

One must understand Krishna to understand the power and magic of his flute’s tune. Though it is presented on this Earth, it was created for Krishna’s abode, so there are strings attached to the pastime. The frequently offered explanation is that all living creatures stilled by the captivating tune of Krishna’s flute are his companions of past times, scholars and sages who are interested in the Vedic knowledge that flows through the tune of his flute. To perceive that knowledge, one must be so absorbed in the music that he must, essentially, lose his self.

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