Beautiful German Silver Rolu Rokali Set With Silver Tray for Weddings-CS001RR

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Beautiful German Silver Rolu Rokali Set  With Silver Tray for Weddings-CS001RR

Weeks or even months before the wedding, the entire community would gather in to assist in pounding the food essentials required for the wedding feast on the rolu, rokali.

It was not just the grains, turmeric, chilli and other spices were also pounded using the rolu rokali.

Everything was done by the community with love annd affection.

The worshipping of the rolu rokali and thirugali in Telugu weddings is a way of thanking the tools that help us make our food, the means to survive.

It is believed that the rolu represents Goddess Lakshmi, the rokali is the Lord Narayana. Lord Shiva is represented by the thirugali.

Legend has that Goddess Parvati prayed to the above deities for abundance of foodgrains.

In this context, the rolu rokali are worshipped in Telugu weddings, to pray for abundance in life and freedom from hunger.

We can source rolu rokali for your wedding.

These rolu rokali are usually decorated in turmeric and kumkum as a symbol of reverence. These days, the rolu rokali are decorated with colourful designs and floral patterns as a mode of appreciation and blending with the decor in the mandapam.

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