Buddha Statue T11

Buddha Statue T11

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Buddha Statue is used as a Home Decor and Showpiece Gift item that adds a calm element to the home. Enhance the positive energy in your home with this Sacred Blessings Hand Crafted Decorative Made in India Beautiful Statue with Distinctive Features of Lord Buddha in Dhyana Mudra. Embellish your Living Room, Office, Table Showpiece, Drawing Room, Yoga Room, Puja Room with Sacred Blessings Home Décor Figurine of inspiration for peace, beauty and compassion. The Statue of Lord Buddha in Meditative Pose Creates a serene and peaceful environment in your home, Office and surroundings. A splendid gift for your loved ones for Home Decor, Office Decor, Showpiece. This Sacred Blessings Decorative Home Decor Buddha Statue is handcrafted. Dhyana Mudra was used by Lord Buddha during meditation before his enlightenment under the 'bodhi tree.' It indicates the perfect balance of thought, the rest of the senses, and tranquillity.

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