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Chung Kwei (Zhong Kui) is known as the destroyer of evil and negative energies in Feng Shui. He is often seen painted on front gates or placed with valuables to act as a protector of the property. In legend he is known as the king of ghosts with the power to command some 80,000 demons.

The story goes that Chung Kwei  went to the imperial palace to take the scholarly exams and received top marks. But the emperor denied him a place in his court because of his ugly appearance. Chung Kwei was so angry he committed suicide by ramming his head against the gates of the palace. Damned to hell for this suicide, the king of hell saw potential in Chung Kwei and endowed him with great powers such as the ability to subdue and exorcize ghosts.

Chung Kwei became most popular during the Tang dynasty in China, when the emperor had fallen ill and had an auspicious dream of the deity. In his dream Chung Kwei expressed that he had sworn to rid the kingdom of all evil and when the emperor awoke he had recovered from his illness and had a portrait of the deity completed for the palace. Since this time Chung Kwei has been known for his ability to scare off all evil with his hideous face and as the “star god of examinations” in recognition of his academic ability.

Chung Kwei  is depicted with a large sword with the power to kill any evil that comes in its way. He is also often surrounded by bats which are favored symbols of great fortune and eternal life. Sometimes he is portrayed in the process of killing demons. Whatever his representation he is sure to be an intimidating force to all dark and malevolent energies.

Here are a few Feng shui cures  for effectively placing a figure of Chung Kwei:

  1. Place Chung Kwei as a guardian of your entrance so that he may keep careful watch over all of the energies and individuals that enter your home or office. His presence intimidates any evil from even considering passing through your door. Perfect during Chinese Hungry Ghost festival in the 7th lunar month.
  2. Chung Kwei can also be placed at the foot of your staircase to ease any concerns of criminal or dark forces attempting to infiltrate your resting quarters while you sleep.
  3. Chung Kwei is also very useful displayed in the office as he can deter all negative energies that may be affecting your performance at work. He will doubly be on the lookout for peers and competitors with poor intentions hoping to catch you off guard. 
  4. Place a metal Chung Kwei in any sector of your home to weaken the energy of the # 5 yellow Disaster Star . His presence will ensure the star’s invitation of accidents and unfortunate illness do not befall you.
  5. Place Chung Kwei in the Northwest sector to benefit education Luck  Here he can encourage excellence and determination in young students.

Though Chung Kwei’s appearance may be inglorious his powers to command and kill evil are well venerated. Invite him into your home to destroy all negative afflictions and bad feng shui.

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