Copper Plain Jug for Keeping Water for Ayurvedic Benefits

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Diameter : 10.6 cm
Height : 21 cm
Weight : 450 gm
Capacity: 1.7 Litres.
It may surprise many people that something as simple as drinking copper treated water from a copper utensil can treat a majority of the stomach related ailments. Water stored in copper utensils stay fresh for longer and does not go stale. All this happens because the copper water has a pH level a bit higher than the normal water which kills all the bacteria and microbes present in the water making it pure and keeping it fresh.

It stimulates the natural movement of peristalsis in the stomach which carries the food to the different stations of the digestive tract. It also helps in the detoxification of the stomach and reduces the chances of getting ulcers and stomach inflammation. This is because copper treated water is known to balance the three doshas in the body (vata, kapha and pitta) by making the water positively charged.

The most common problem faced by people when using copper utensils is the natural fade or patina which develops after a certain time of usage. But the natural shine of the metal can easily be maintained by cleaning the utensil with a solution of lemon and salt every other day.

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