Black & White Nesting Tables Set-GANNBW001

Black & White Nesting Tables Set-GANNBW001

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Black & White Nesting Tables Set-GANNBW001

Marble Diameter - 16 inches & 14 inches.

Height - 20 & 18 inches.
Having a coffee table in your living room can be that element that gives it functionality and versatility. However, it's common not to give it the attention it deserves.

Placement is important

Coffee tables are normally found in the living room or lounge room of the house.

It’s worth remembering that the principal living room is a very important part of the house. It’s the room that all your guests will get to know first, the obligatory first stop for all who arrive at your home.

Coffee tables, found in this room, are also important.

Depending on what coffee table you have, the living room can go unnoticed, or really stand out.

On the basis of the size of your coffee table, the living room can seem bigger or smaller. Therefore, choosing an appropriate one for your house is very important, among other things, to balance the proportions of the room.

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