Designer earrings for women

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Designer earrings for women 

Meaning and significance of wearing earrings

Interestingly, the earrings in the east are called Karn Phul, which means “flower in the ear.” Traditionally, they served not only as decoration, but also as a talisman. Indeed, it is important to combine these two qualities in your earrings. As an ornament, earrings are most effective, after all they most accent attention on our face. In addition, large earrings are very favorable for a married woman, as they state her status. Noteworthy, by adding more and more decorations, a woman attracts well-being to the house.

Meanwhile, earrings in the form of flowers from ancient times to the present day enjoy the greatest popularity. They reflect tenderness, youth, spiritual perfection, simple-mindedness, and innocence – the main attributes of a woman’s character. In addition, the earrings protect the woman from the influence of any negative energy. In particular, bright shiny things take on a negative, so when a woman has many ornaments – they protect her beauty from evil eyes.

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