Gold plated Buddha statue for home decor

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Gold plated Buddha statue for home decor

Buddha for Every Feng Shui Purpose
In general, the presence of Buddha brings peace and serenity to the home. ... A Buddha statue or image lends calming yin energy to complement and balance the active yang energy of your lifestyle. Balanced yin-yang energy in your home is the key to good health and well-being.

Don’t place the Buddha statue directly on the ground

Like with other idols that one uses in a pooja room, when deciding on the spot or position of Buddha in a room remember not to place it on the floor. A table or a shelf, where the statue is higher than most things in the room is ideal. When placing the statue on a shelf, ensure the shelf does not hold other accessories. For example, you shouldn’t place the idol on an existing bookshelf and should get a special stand just for the statue. The idea is not to have anything tower above the statue. If the idol is large, making it difficult to place at an elevation, set it on a stool that is at least one inch above the ground.



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