• Rs. 5,900.00


Size of Brass Elephant: 6.5 x 5.4 inches


  • Welcome Home the Good luck by placing a statue of an Brass elephant or a pair at your front door. You can buy large pieces if your home has a wide entrance. While placing them, ensure that they face inwards for positive results.
  • Elephants are also known as the protectors or guardians. So, for those looking at protecting your home from evil or negative impact, place this pair of elephants facing outwards. This would help prevent the loss of chi and, thus, maintain balance.
  • For a stronger mother and child relationship, place a mother and child duo of elephants. These in the form of a statue or a painting could be placed in parents' or children's room.
  • To bring positive growth in your career, place an elephant on the front door of your office and also at the workstation at your home, if you have any. An elephant, which symbolizes wisdom and power, is known to energize your career, in case planning to change a job or even enhancing your current job. Moreover, an elephant with a face on your work diary or in other work stationery would help you enhance your leadership qualities, and help you perform under pressure.
  • For Indian homes, Lord Ganesha plays a significance role and is considered to be the first god to be worshiped when starting something new. So, what better than having an idol of Lord Ganesha at home to bring in peace and prosperity!!

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