"Mehandi Lage Haath , Red shade Chanderi Saree for Women -SACSSMLH001

  • Rs. 23,000.00

"Mehandi Lage Haath , Red shade Chanderi Saree for Women  -SACSSMLH001

Red Color Designer Chanderi Silk Saree with Mehandi Lage Haath Beautiful weaved motifs throughout the Body of the Red Saree.

With a fandom including everyone from craft-lovers like Laila Tyabi and Sally Holkar to Bollywood stars like Alia Bhatt, it’s clear that the Chanderi sari is slowly becoming an integral part of several Indian ethnic wardrobes. The weave, which hails from a small town in Madhya Pradesh, was once used to dress royalty and is described to be as light as woven air. Characterised with a buttery hand feel and a graceful sheen, this textile has been transformed by designes  to resonate with the modern Indian Women.

People  say they say Chanderi is so light that it is simply woven air, “bunni hui hawa”. Madhya Pradesh was a famous centre for weaving, and the Chanderi made here rose to prominence in the 11th century. This was approximately around the same time as when the region became one of the most important trade routes in India, because of its proximity to the ancient ports of Gujarat, Malwa, Mewar, Central India and Deccan. The textile is also mentioned in various mythological and historical texts. In the Mahabharata, it is suggested that Chanderi fabric was introduced by Lord Krishna’s cousin Shishupal and in the Maasir-i-Alamgiri, it is stated that Emperor Aurangzeb ordered the use of a cloth embroidered with gold and silver to make a khilat (a ceremonial robe given to Superior).


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