Mesmora's Travelling stoles Deep Green Woollen Heavily Embroidered Stole

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Deep Green Woollen Heavily Embroidered Muffler/Stole

Deep green Woollen Heavily Embroidered Muffler/ Stole from the house of Mesmora . Feel warmer this winter with 100% Woollen embroidered mufflers/stoles. Stoles decorated with long Woollen laces and pompom laces. The intricate big motif embroidery design makes it unique and a complete handicraft product. 100% warm Woollen embroidery. Stole is 60" length by 19" width . You can wear it on Your regular Kurtas , fashion element with casual wear,or as winter mufflers to protect from cold. For women Wear it as a dupatta/stole/muffler. Dimensions : 60" * 19 inches. 

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