Sebas Kids Tent or Play House for kids

Sebas Kids Tent or Play House for kids

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Sebas Kids Tent or Play House for kids

❤ Level-up Your Child's Playtime.

❤ We know you're a proud parent and are always thinking about how to stimulate your child's learning, development and creative imagination. There is not a more beautiful sound in the world, than your child's laughter. That's what inspired us to start Sebas and motivated our decision to share kids playhouses teepee tents for kids with parents around the world.

❤ Children Crave Personal Space Too!!!
At some point, every child expresses the desire to be independent and unabashedly pretend play. Our kids’ teepees are one of the most useful tools for this. With just enough privacy to act out the scenario playing in their minds, our teepee for kids help develop their psychomotor and cognitive skills as well as enhance their social and emotional development.

❤ Playing Safely:
Forget about those shabby cardboard box houses and messy pillow forts. A Tiny Land cotton canvas teepee tent provides a safe place to explore and play. This simple but well-made kids indoor outdoor tent offers your child/children a place to play, read, nap or use their imagination with a measure of privacy, but safely and never a few feet away from your watchful eye in the living room, bedroom, porch, yard or beach.

 ❤ Tent Care Instructions:
Your Tiny Land kids play teepee tent may arrive with some wrinkles since it is made from 100% cotton!
You can either steam iron them out, or use a spray bottle of plain water and wipe the wrinkles loose by passing your hand over the slightly moistened wrinkle.

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