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This Ring is made from Sterling Silver 

Available in Indian Size : 6,7,8,9,10,11,12

Wearing Amethyst Ring brings many benefits for the body :

  • Amethyst Provides Serenity. ...
  • Amethyst Promotes Hormone Balance. ...
  • Amethyst Can Help With Weight Loss. ...
  • Amethyst Detoxifies the Body. ...
  • Amethyst Reduces Headaches. ...
  • Amethyst Helps With Other Physical Issues. ...
  • Amethyst Provides Stress Relief.
  • Crown chakra is the core power source of Amethyst. It is an otherworldly chakra located just above your temple on the head. Amethyst bridges the gap between real and divine when used to generate the powers of the crown chakra. Meaning, amethyst will make you mystic and smart too!

  • The gemstone for Aquarius, Amethyst birthstone will make people born in February determined and focused on their goals. If you were born on or after 20th January to on or before 18th February, the amethyst gemstone is your birthstone. Go grab the powers waiting for you!

  • The frequency of amethyst makes it emit waves that are harmful to evil. In short, it will eat up all the toxins in the environment, leaving your mind and body clean. It can build your immunity and make your body strong.

  • That’s why you must take amethyst ring along with you on holiday and vacations to protect yourself from evil eye and new bacteria.

  • When you put on the amethyst ring, be it druzy or polished, your chakras start to get aligned. However, your crown chakra does not charge until you rub your temple with the amethyst. Amethyst was fabled as an anti-drinking stone because it grounded all the slurred thoughts. Today, it can work as an effective antidote for confusions as well as fever or influenza.

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