Tara Devi In brass with stone work-PPHDTD001

  • Rs. 17,999.00

Tara Devi In brass with stone work-PPHDTD001

Size : 19*12 inches

Very heavy by weight

Tara is a vision of the divine that challenges comfortable and comforting fantasies that we may all have . She is a manifestation that while everything might seem well and good, one has to remember that all is fleeting, and one must focus on one’s own spiritual goals and not get caught in a cycle which will imprison him or her. In another context, she also represents the all-powerful determination of a true seeker of enlightenment. Her ruthlessness is inside all who have enlightenment as their goal. She comes whenever a barrier blocks the way to enlightenment. This viciousness is not to be cruel to others, but to strike inside the inner realm of the psyche and destroy the ego and the roadblocks that come in the way.

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